Immunology for Basic Physician Trainees


Melbourne / On-line Course : 12-18th September 2020

Sydney course: 24 - 25th October 2020

Registration for 2020 courses will open 1st July 2020

About The Course

The immunology4bpts course aims to provide essential knowledge about the basic science of the immune system, and how this translates into clinical medicine. It will give a thorough coverage of basic immunobiology, and use this background to explain some specific immunological conditions, including immunodeficiency and vasculitis. The practice of medicine right now is in the process of being revolutionised by the advent of new therapeutics, mostly biologicals, almost all targeting basic immunological mechanisms in order to alter disease processes, and this is occurring in almost all specialities of medicine. This course will therefore give trainees of all disciplines the skills necessary to understand these agents into the future and be able to apply those skills to whatever speciality they choose.


In doing so, the course will explain the basic concepts of immunobiology necessary for the Basic Science paper of the RACP part I examination, and build on this knowledge to present immunological diseases in that context, of relevance to the Clinical medicine section of the part I examination.


Course Content

The course will consist of a series of lectures with appropriate breaks. A comprehensive set of colour notes will be provided. The course includes a number of explanatory videos, and will finish with a session of 50 MCQs to test and consolidate the various aspects of the lecture content. There will be ample time to ask questions during the breaks, so bring those problematic MCQs with you, or preferably email them to Prof Fulcher ahead of time and he will try to work them into the sessions.


Response to COVID-19 pandemic

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the planned face-to-face Melbourne course is unlikely to proceed (this may also apply to the Sydney course), however we reassess the situation daily, and follow government advice regarding group gatherings.


HOWEVER the good news is that if this eventuates, we have made arrangements for an ON-LINE version of our popular BPTs Immunology course to be streamed over a 9-day period (including two weekends) starting 12th September!!


The intention is to reproduce the lecture experience as closely as possible. Registrants should set aside that weekend, and listen to the lectures as usual. BUT you will have the option of spreading out the lectures over a 9-day period, including the following weekend, which will allow greater flexibility, especially for those on night shifts, or unable to swap shifts. Over this time you will be able to replay lectures if there was anything that you needed to revise. An on-line version will also be attractive for interstate or international trainees who might not otherwise have the opportunity of attending physically.


All registrants will be access to

  • streamed video lectures
  • Q&A sessions on line
  • Book of colour notes (as usual) which will be posted out the week before the course
  • Set of MCQs (also posted)