Immunology for Basic Physician Trainees


Dates for 2021:

September online course: 11-13th September 2021

October online course: 23-25th October 2021

For a video of Prof Fulcher explaining the immunology4bpts course, see Extras

The following details are tentative at this stage....

Course for 2021

The on-line courses will reproduce the lecture experience as closely as possible. Registrants should set aside that weekend, and listen to the lectures as usual. The on-line version will also be attractive for interstate or international trainees who might not otherwise have had the opportunity of attending physically.


This is how it works. All lectures will be pre-recorded and posted on the Echo360 streaming website. Registrants will receive their log-ins the week before the course, where the Introductory lecture will be available. Access to the immunology4bpts course lectures will open at 6:00 am (Sydney, AEDT) Saturday and close at 12:00 midnight on Sunday. This will not be a live-stream, so those with other commitments, eg nights rosters, can catch up on all the lectures in their own time, for the duration of the weekend. But questions for guest lecturers via the Q&A portal will only be open at the times indicated on the program.


All online participants will have access to:

  • streamed video lectures for the weekend.
  • Q&A sessions on line
  • Book of colour notes (as usual) which will be posted out the week before the course
  • Set of MCQs (also posted)